Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018: I Yam What I Yam And I Don't Give A Damn

Time for another year-end beatdown.
Time to roll another one out.  This past holiday season I resolved to be more mellow than previous years, which I met with partial success.  I think depression grabbed me at the end there, with feelings of worthlessness coming on strong.  Still, I endure.

We had a few setbacks with our Amazon business but this we also continue undaunted.  Just took a little restructuring, that's all.  That and Becky going back into the workforce and me Ubering, I think we'll pull through.

More highlights: as I've reported previously, North Texas RPG Con in June was a blast.  Earlier in the year we made a pilgrimage to Seattle to see my older step-son Derek as he was working for the rehab place that he went through with flying colors.  He's back here now and doing better than ever.  Might proud of that boy.

We also managed to go see the granddaughters in New Bern, NC (and they returned the favor by coming to see us this Christmas).  I have now officially been coast-to-coast, seen the Pacific, Atlantic AND The Gulf of Mexico.  I Am A Seasoned Traveler.

Games - let's see, I got back into Matt Evans's Mithgarthr campaign and the Monday game is going great.  I started a semi-sandbox in my world of Erf which will wrap up in January.  I dropped the Saturday game, though.

Also, since we were broke come Christmas, I got what I wanted - a peaceful, quiet Christmas.  As for actual presents, all of my Kickstarters (Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea 2E, The Goon for Savage Worlds and Blueholme Journeymann Rules) fulfilled in November and December so Merry Christmas to Me.

All my family and friends are well (Mom turned 95 this year) and I started to talk to my sister again.

I actually have a resolution this year: talk more to my mom.  She's getting a bit fragile and I wanna listen to her voice as much as possible (also, I hope to see her some time in 2018).

Anyway, I'm looking forward to more Ubering, better weather, more gaming (for everyone) and good wishes to all this coming year.

Now, where is that bottle...

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