Saturday, December 31, 2016

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Year

We could use a button-down mind about now.
Ah, 2016. Best of times, weirdest of times. A lot of celebrity deaths, a death close to home and ch-ch-ch-changes (RIP Mr. Bowie). Oh yeah, and we had a Presidential election with probably the worst choices I've seen in a long time. That's all I got to say about that. Let's move on, shall we?

The first big change was Becky's retirement. Happened in March after 19 years at Boeing. We now have retirement in reverse: she's the one puttering around, getting underfoot (well she would if I did anything for her to get underfoot). Saying she's not ready to quit working (and for us to be financially sound) she's starting her own online organic skin care business. It's rough road but I believe she'll do it (Amazon is a pain).

On my side, I did a show or two and started a few video series. My Ol' Man Grognard series was well-enough received for me to start a Review Series. Next thing I know I have 4 series going.

We all got hit with a lot of celebrity deaths, some expected (Ms. Gabor) and quite a few totally unexpected (the above David Bowie and Prince are two of the suprises this year) culminating in losing a sci-fi princess and her mother, Hollywood Royalty (sobering thought: I believe Debbie Reynolds was the last cast member of Singin' In The Rain that was still with us - damn). Rest well Ms. Fisher and Ms. Reynolds. Princess Leia and Kathy Selden will never be forgotten.

Now we have fun guessing what we're gonna make us do to ourselves in the coming year, also known as Resolutions. Glad I don't make any except for one or two (game more, act more and actually make some money from one of those). We'll see.

Also, I want to dedicate this post to the memory my friend, fellow gamer, gentleman and all-around lovable guy Michael McMullen who we lost to a car crash this year.  Wish I would've known you longer.  Miss you buddy, roll some crits for me up there, will ya?

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