Saturday, February 28, 2015

Of Worlds Savage: Shivering Timbers and Rolling Bones

Got me a campaign.  Hope the Bennies hold out...
Well after talking about it about a half-dozen or more blog posts ago I'm finally running a Savage Worlds Campaign.  Note I said campaign.  This is a first for me as (full disclosure) I've never GM'd a campaign before.  99.9% of my DM/GMing has been as one-shots, occasionally running two sessions at a time.  Not only that, the SW system is all new to us so it's a learning experience all around.

To keep the learning to a minimum I decided to use a published setting, Pinnacle's 50 Fathoms.  The players enthusiastically jumped into the pirate genre and are now running around on Torath-Ka, an island something like a Lost World with bloodthirsty natives, violent apes and dinosaurs.  They're currently looking for their lost captain (using a map delivered by an NPC which is also a treasure map) they've been beat up a bit but gave back better.

As I said, this is a learning experience and I have learned quite a bit so far, not only about the system but GMing as well (hard to believe I've been playing/DMing since '81) and a few things have crystallized for me.  In SW you don't worry about NPCs and cannon-fodder as much as other games so it gave me a chance to deal with other aspects of the system.  It's also refreshing that I can throw more red shirts at the PCs and not worry about the bookkeeping (I'm taking this part slow).  I may also get into the mass combat rules down the line - they look fast and furious like the rest of the game.

Now that some of the GMing duties has been eased up, I can let the players sandbox more.  In the past, and as I've said in a previous post, I've always worried about railroading the players - I don't want to lead them by the nose but I need SOME kind of structure.  I find with SW I can loosen up the story to the point where it feels more like a give-and-take between the GM and the players.  I still do a Beat Chart (as I talked about in a previous post) but find I can loosen it up and move stuff around to accommodate the players actions and still keep track of things.  I now refer to the Beat Chart as a Story Framework to reflect those changes and to remind me to keep it loosey-goosey.

In addition, I'm actually starting to use Encounter Charts (in the past I get so wrapped up in the story I forget them).  AND, the players really like things like Bennies which lets them influence the story to an extent.

In fact, (Bold Statement time), I think I've found my RPG Soul Mate.  For me it fits like a glove.  I cringe a bit saying that, with my love for D&D, but Savage Worlds feels natural to me.  I won't say I'll not play or DM D&D ever again but for now Savage Worlds is it.  Time will tell.

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Justin S. Davis said...

Awesome you found a new game to love!

Our group has been doing Savafe Worlds for a bit, too, and we've had a ton of fun. But I gave up "weaving a story" two sessions in, because the players are such reprobates I have to adapt on the fly.

Glad you're having fun!