Monday, November 03, 2014

Five The Hard Way

This was something I ended up putting on Facebook. It belongs here.

BAM!  Right in the Saving Throw!
I have come to the realization that, with the release of 5E D&D, it's quite a bit more difficult to fight for using the older editions. At first I thought that, well, that's going to happen when every new edition that comes out. BUT 5E gets quite a few things right as far as the Old School mindset is concerned (I didn't say EVERYTHING - just enough for me to notice and want to steal). SO, my resistance to embrace the new edition boils down to two reasons why I won't DM it:

1) Sill too much chrome - yes, I know most of the optional rules are just that - optional. But (having dealt with this before in 2E) it is a rare player that won't want you to use this new skill and that character build and I get tired of saying "no." Besides, if I'm going to strip to rules down to the bare bones I might as well use an earlier edition (which I already own). which brings me to my second reason:

2) I don't want to buy another edition. Yeah, I know you can get the PDFs of the core mechanic for free but from what I've seen so far, it's still not the complete game and at $50 a pop for the three books (online discounts be damned) I'd rather build up my library of earlier editions (which, as I said, I already own) which is (usually) WAY more inexpensive on the used/retroclone market than those books and any of the glut of supplements/modules that are sure to follow.

So there it is. My take on it. Don't know why I put it on Facebook first. I blame no caffiene.