Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014: If It Ain't Broke, You're Not Tryin'

Thanks Red.  Keep it comin'.
Amid the ruckus that comes with having 4 grandchildren in the house I take that short walk into 2014.  On the whole it was a decent year, with some gaming, DVD buying and Not Enough Convention Attendance.  Oh well.

The podcasts are rollin' along.  Save or Die got another host to fill the empty seat that was Vince.  Jim Wampler, author/artist of Marvin the Mage and All Around Swell Guy have joined Mike, Liz and myself on the mic.  In addition, Jim is also hosting a new podcast focusing on Dungeon Crawl 
Classics (not my favorite game, but very popular) called Spellburn.  Give a listen, it's pretty good.

Did some acting here at the end of '13, playing Scrooge in Jewel Box' version of A Christmas Carol.  With a fine script, great cast and masterful direction, I didn't want it to end.  Surely one of my favorite productions.

On the gaming front, we finished up our Basic/RC campaign and Matt decided to switch to Labyrinth Lord (with some stuff from the Advanced Edition Companion).  We're having a great time with it, as we try to clean out Dyson's Delve.  Lotsa luck with that.

I also managed to get in a bit of Tunnels and Trolls gaming in plus a raucous session of Ghostbusters (also managed to trade for a copy of T&T 7.5 - still waiting patiently for the release of Deluxe T&T).  I continue to be fascinated by the flexibility that is T&T (although I need to work on house-ruing it to allow for more player agency).

Got a lot to look forward to this coming year - NTRPG Con, more gaming, the usual.  As for resolutions, I'm inclined to just say that I resolve to Make It To This Time Next Year.  Some years are like that.