Monday, December 31, 2012

Chuckin' Like The Doo-Dah Man...

Another Long Strange Trip...
Looks like we're rollin' into another one.  I always have high hopes for the coming year but I must admit that any year with a thirteen in it makes me a bit nervous.

All in all I find 2012 to be about average - new movies on DVD, more used games from HPB, a regular Basic D&D game, the usual.  Guess we got Obama for another four.  Oh well.  Dunno if Romney would be any better but it'd be different anyway (and that's the extent I will dwell on the political climate, thank you).

The podcast(s) are going well, Vince stepped down from Save or Die and so Mike, Liz and myself soldier on.  THAC0's Hammer still tries to come out on a somewhat regular basis.  And so it goes.

One thing that picked up was my artwork.  I actually got some paid gigs which I always appreciate.  Both Vince and Thorkie saw fit to use my stuff and I thank them.  PLUS, I got a couple of panels accepted for Gygax Magazine.  I'll be in illustrious company and I want to thank Art Director Jim Wampler for that leg up.

Heading on to '13 I'll still be doing the Basic D&D game (sometimes with Gage at my side) and, as I mentioned in a previous post, will be running some Savage Worlds with the group.  I've never used the system so it'll be a learning experience all around.

I also want to thank all the folks out there for their compliments on my artwork and my voice acting (my reading of A Christmas Carol got a major bump in downloads off the Internet Archive).  It makes it all worth while.

Okay, onward.  Let's see where we end up...

Monday, December 17, 2012

Role-Playing In The Bluff

At least it isn't a Crisis Crossover...
So, I've recently become enamored with Pinnacle's Savage Worlds, a generic RPG like HERO or GURPS, yet unlike them.  I had a previous printing of the rules but I never really looked at it.  I like the fast character-creation, fast combat and just the all-around loosey-goosey feel of the game.  Unlike HERO, it's not bogged down with minutae and unlike GURPS it's not bogged down with sub-rules you trip over when you're not looking. AND the price is right: the Core Rules are $30 for the hardback BUT they also sell what they call The Explorer's Edition, which is the same book digest-sized (I love digest-sized books) for 10 BUCKS!  Also, there's a lot of campaign books out there, from Pinnacle's Super Powers/Fantasy/Horror Companion to others like Deadlands, Space 1889, original settings like 50 Fathoms, Rippers, Weird War II, third-party campaign books like Andy Hopp's Low Life, Beast and Barbarians...and that's not even counting the fan-made worlds out there.

I talked to my regular Basic D&D group and they said they'd be willing to give it a go next week.  I have a Star Wars SW supplement some fan worked up so I'll probably go with that - but if they like it, I may work in some fantasy sessions too.

Which brings us to Bluffside, The City On The Edge.  Probably one of the best books to come out of the D20 boom, this is a personal favorite and would work well with SW.  In fact, since Green Ronin put out a SW conversion of Freeport, those two would be a good match....

...and I also found a fan conversion of Eberron for SW.  Looks like I got my work cut out for me.