Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Check Your Shelf, Respect Your Shelf

Ancient Gygax Secret, huh?
Jim Maliszewski over at Grognardia got some kind of challenge going over at Google+ and his blog.  He wants folks to show off their bookshelves to show (he alleges) what us gamer people use for research/inspiration.  Not the most original idea to come down the pike but seeing as I've been looking for an excuse to show off my game collection I'll roll with it.  Personally, I think he moonlights at IKEA but he games so what the hey.

Here we have the middle three shelves of my only bookcase, which is right next to my computer desk (aka Smokestack Central).  I left off the top and bottom shelves because those are mostly art books and a shoebox full of SFX CDs.

Here's the first one.  The large section to the right is my Judges' Guild collection, plus some Role-Aids books on the far right.  This shelf is mostly for reference and inspiration (and the occasional Marvel/FASERIP game I play - yes, the books are in there next to my Champions BBB).

Now here's my main research/playing section.  All the main D&D books reside here, from Holmes to 2E.  I keep these books on this particular shelf because A) it's the Load Bearing shelf and I have quite a few hardbacks and B) I can easily reach it from the desk - which comes in handy when I have to look something up in the middle of a podcast.

This third shelf is reserved for box sets, other game systems and assorted ephemera (or what wouldn't fit on the other two shelves).  That Champions of Mystara box is a misnomer - it actually holds my D&D Gazeteer collection.

And there it is - my working/research library.  I also have a butcher block table behind my drawing table that holds paper (printer and art) and about a half-dozen binders with various DM-related material (including my DM Guidebook).

So now you know, Jim.

And Knowing is Half The Encounter! (PC JOE!!)

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Timothy Brannan said...

Very cool. Loved seeing your Mayfair Chill book in the mix.