Monday, May 21, 2012

Drop 'Em

Gettin' the drop on some NPC's
Ever since I got ahold of a copy of Vornheim by Zak S. (the same gent who brought you the blog Playing D&D With Porn Stars - kinda NSFW so Caveat Emptor) I've been fascinated with dice drop tables.  At it's simplest it's a graphic table on which you drop dice and read the result.  You can make tables for everything from coming up with quick NPC stats to (my favorite) equipping characters.  Brilliant idea for DMs who like to run games on the fly.  Some are very simple to use, some can be a bit involved and some can take care of more than one thing (as the tables on the cover of the Vornheim hardback demonstrate).

My OTHER Dropbox
There aren't many of them out there but I managed to find a few at Rolng's Creeping Doom - he even gives you a blank one for making your own.  I didn't like the idea of rolling on the table where the dice go everywhere so I got me an empty cigar box, reformatted the tables I had for that size, cut, placed 'em on the bottom of the box and roll baby roll.

Great stuff.  I might take a whack at making one myself.  Also, if anyone knows about other dice drop tables drop (heh heh) a comment here.


Talysman said...

I've seen a couple, but the only link I can find right now is Glenn's Pokethulhu generator.

I've done several, starting with an old game design that recommended the box lid approach, as you do. I keep links to the ones I work on currently under a dicemap label on my blog. I've been doing a lot of work recently with the Quickie Dice Tool, which is close to Zak's design, but with an emphasis on dungeon dressing or descriptive tags in general. Other designs tend to be more radial, since I think this solves the "dice going everywhere" issue better than using a lid. The craziest of the radial designs was the Perverse Polymorpher, which is designed to let you replace Zocchi dice with ordinary dice. The one people seem to be Googling for is the planet generator.. I plan on improving that one later when I work on my rocket patrol RPG.

Chris Weller said...

Nice! Great idea. When I made those three tables, I hadn't seen Zak's. He posted them during my last week of grad school so I missed them. His tables also had a method for determining direction and maybe room size too.
I've got another one I'll finish up and post sometime. They take a long time, although you wouldn't know from my drawing.

R Flowers said...

Really cool idea