Monday, May 21, 2012

Drop 'Em

Gettin' the drop on some NPC's
Ever since I got ahold of a copy of Vornheim by Zak S. (the same gent who brought you the blog Playing D&D With Porn Stars - kinda NSFW so Caveat Emptor) I've been fascinated with dice drop tables.  At it's simplest it's a graphic table on which you drop dice and read the result.  You can make tables for everything from coming up with quick NPC stats to (my favorite) equipping characters.  Brilliant idea for DMs who like to run games on the fly.  Some are very simple to use, some can be a bit involved and some can take care of more than one thing (as the tables on the cover of the Vornheim hardback demonstrate).

My OTHER Dropbox
There aren't many of them out there but I managed to find a few at Rolng's Creeping Doom - he even gives you a blank one for making your own.  I didn't like the idea of rolling on the table where the dice go everywhere so I got me an empty cigar box, reformatted the tables I had for that size, cut, placed 'em on the bottom of the box and roll baby roll.

Great stuff.  I might take a whack at making one myself.  Also, if anyone knows about other dice drop tables drop (heh heh) a comment here.