Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tripping The Rift 1: The Critters In The Keep

But wait!  There's more!
Well, Gage and one of his friends managed to convene with me for more D&D in Thunder Rift (we lost one player due to a move).  Previously I was going to run Rage of The Rakasta for just Gage but since his friend showed up I decided to run the kinda-prequel Quest For the Silver Sword and save Rakasta for later.

The party consisted of Logan Semester, cleric of Poseidon (Gage), Shadowkill the Elf (his friend Zack) and two NPC adventurers: Theodora Kelp a friend of Logan's and also a cleric of Poseidon and her other friend, Selper the Thief.

After the preliminaries (being contacted by the Burgormeister of Torlynn, offerd help, etc. - which, BTW, Logan refused any payment (the boy's got this Hero thing down pat) the party arrived at Barrik's Keep.  Seeing the front door hanging on one hinge, Logan and Shadowkill decide to...climb up to the roof to see if they can "sneak up on them."  Who I don't know, but after a DEX check, they were on the roof.  I told them there was a nice view of the area and a roof, with two towers.  They climbed down and walked through the front door.

Instead of going straight up the hall they went right down a side hall to the kitchen.  There they surprised four ratlings and soundly trounced them.  Shadowkill found a Bell of Sustenance and they proceeded to the kitchen, where they three more ratlings carving up a dead orc.  They were also defeated.

Interesting thing about these ratlings - they only have one attack (I'm assuming a bite).  Even the ones with the cleaver, so I added a second attack with the weapon.  Personally, I don't even know why these aren't rat-men or were-rats.  The author probably needed something with human-like intelligence but not as deadly as a were. I rolled with it.

That was about it, as by then it was suppertime.  Should be playing again this week some time.  Keep ya posted.

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