Sunday, January 22, 2012

I've Been Everywhere, Man...

Run rodent run rodent run run run...
Now that the new year has begun it's time to think about starting up that Basic D&D game I'm running for my grandson and his two friends.  Unfortunately, between one of his friends moving away and the other not coming around much the group is reduced to Gage and I.  A minor setback, as I can keep him busy 'till more players can be acquired.

Gives me a chance to work on the world.  I've already changed my mind on the world they end up in (Mystara) once they poke their heads out of Thunder Rift, but that took a lot of dicipline.  See, I tend to suffer from Toomanyworlditis.  In other words, I have a hard time deciding which setting I want to use.

The main contenders were Mystara (I got the first Gazeteer - Karameikos - and it just whet my appetite for more), The Wilderlands (I'm a sucker for all things Judges' Guild), my own world of Skye and that map I found in that copy of the 2E PHB a while back.  All of them had their pluses and very few minuses but in the end I went with Mystara.  I'll keep looking at the others and maybe I can get some ideas off them.  I'll keep the map I found in reserve for a future campaign and save Skye for a 2E game I may start up on Skype in the future.

It's difficult when you have too much of a good thing, but better that than not enough.  Onward, player(s)!

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