Thursday, December 29, 2011

On to 2012 or The Year I Went Splat

O OSR, Where Is Thy Sting?
Well, before I get into the recap I just wanna say that, just for the record, I like the changes Blogger did with the interface except one - I want to use the cool Dynamic templates but they have NOT included a way to add my banner at the top.  I guess I'll just be satisfied for now with a change in font.  C'mon, Blogger/Google - get with the program.

Been some ups and downs this year, but I came out the other side.  2011 was actually a continuation of 2010 - namely, I managed to get myself into 3 stage shows in a row, ending in March.  Being exhausted, I vowed to take the rest of the year off and I shocked myself by doing just that.  I was sure I'd weaken at some point but here it is the end of the year and no shows.  Sunuvagun.

Wish I could say I felt rested but the holidays sapped all the energy I had.  After the "experience" of Christmas Day (I swear it looked like a toy store blew up in our house), we got to keep our two granddaughters for the last week of the year.  While they're always a pleasure and delight the downside is we has to drive to Texas to get 'em and bring 'em home.  Ah, the joys of grandparenthood.

Lots of stuff happening on the gaming front this year.  I continue to co-host the Save or Die podcast and got one of my own: THAC0's Hammer, all about 2nd Edition AD&D.  I host with my buddies Brian and FulOnGamer (we lost our great co-host Cory but we hope to have him back soon).  We're up to episode (aka Splatbook) 30 with no sign of stopping.

In March I attended the North Texas RPG Con (my first convention in 12 years) and had a great time.  Met a lot of the old TSR movers-and-shakers, got their autographs and got to hang out with Mike and Liz, my co-hosts on Save or Die.  A great time was had by all.  I'm already planning to attend next year.

I also got to DM Basic D&D with my oldest grandson Gage and his two friends.  I have them stomping around Thunder Rift for now.  He played a cleric of Posiedon and they managed to clean out an old slaver's pit that became infested with goblins.  The campaign stalled over the holidays but I hope to start up again at the beginning of the year.

As for DVDs, not a whole lot but a few prominent ones.  Picked up a few choice Criterions (America Lost and Found - The BBS Story Box Set, Island of Lost Souls, Sweet Smell of Success) the re-release of the complete run of Danger Man, that's about it.  Not much but choice stuff.

As for the coming year, once again I resolve to blog more - might just stick this time.

That's about it for the year - oh yeah, the knee I puonded on so mercilessly when I did Fiddler on the Roof in 2010 came back to haunt me - pain pain pain.  Time for a doctor's visit in January.

See you all on the other side...