Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011: That's Gonna Leave A Mark...

Hope everyone had a good Christmas/Hanukkah/etc. and a glorious New Year's.

Before we slam into 2011, let's reflect, shall we?

2010 was The Year of The Podcast. Julie, my good friend and producer/writer/actor for 19 Nocturne Boulevard, put me in touch with Vince, producer/host of the Roll For Initiative Podcast, a podcast about 1st Edition AD&D, who needed some voice work. I did it and got to talking to him. Turns out he needed a short audio drama for his show and asked if I could do that. I ended up doing The Lumpers, a 5 episode story that was very well-received. he also mentioned that he was looking for another host for the Save or Die Podcast which is about Basic D&D. That's how I ended up being DM Glen on the show. It's a lot of fun. Also, since The Lumpers finished up on RFI, it's being moved over to Save or Die as a regular feature. Oh the fun we have.

Also, stage work spiked up in the latter part of the year. I did Guys and Dolls over at the Poteet Theatre here in OKC and after the show opened, I was contacted by the director of a show called Good N' Plenty which was starting rehearsals at Carpenter's Square. She wanted to use me in that show so after G&D was over, I leaped into the new show. Now it looks like I'm going to be trying out for her next show at the Jewel Box Theatre. Haven't been this busy since college.

The DVD buying has slowed, almost to a stop, although there are some titles I want. The most I've added to the collection in a replacement or two (Crumb, which Criterion brought out on Blu-ray) and further completion of sets (Rocky & Bullwinkle and Friends Season 4 made it out, although it's unsure if the set will be complete since, as of this writing, they're getting ready to roll out The Complete Series with no sign of Season 5 in sight), although a good friend is getting me the complete Boris Karloff's Thriller, so that'll be fun.

One reason the DVD buying has slowed is an offshoot of the podcast hosting: I'm heading back into gaming. Old Skool Gaming. Yes, the OSR has hit me and I've been spending my $ scouring used book stores and game shops for Basic D&D material. I'll elaborate on this in my next post. Stay tuned...

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