Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Goin' Green

I love that dirty water...
Long before Ed Begley Jr. and the other environmentalists, the Irish had the right idea. It won't save any rainforest or patch the ozone but their hearts were in the right place. (?) Happy St Pat's to everyone, as usual. Watch the flicks, drink the green beer, think about how the Good Saint drove the snakes out of Erie (probably after enough boilermakers not to feel the bites). If yer in Chi-town, enjoy the green river (I guess that's one way of disguising the algae). Makes me thirsty just lookin' at it.


Brother Kaepsky said...

Sorry, I do not understood where is this green river? Can you comment it?

Mike said...


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joven said...

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Rae said...

Brother Kaepsky: The green river is in Chi-town, AKA Chicago. They dye it green for the St. Pat's holiday. Here is more info:

Robin said...

My comment has nothing to do with your post. I recently played your reading of "A Christmas Carol" from Librivox for my girls. (10 and 13) We homeschool, and we like to listen to classic literature while we work. Your reading was the most enjoyable we have heard from Librivox thus far. Thank you for assisting me in making the story come to life for my girls.