Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Green Beer and Ham(s)

Finished?  (hic)
Now, my men, to the vomitorium!
I've got a film recommendation for you (and the picture should give you a clue what film it is), but that can keep until next time. Why? St. Patty's Day is today, good reason for even temperance folk to let loose, belly up to the bar and be Irish whether you are or not.

Now I know the folks over in good ol' √Čire are either shaking or laughing their heads off at the Yanks who get all teary-eyed listening to Mother Machree or misty-eyed watching The Quiet Man while getting stinko but hey, it's the sentiment that counts and besides, there's booze. So shut up and have another round on us.

Besides, we can all pretend we're Mexican and down Modelos pretty soon.

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