Sunday, June 15, 2008

Vegas Part 2: The Deuce You Say

De Double Deuce
Okay, more Vegas things.

Thursday, with Becky off to meetings, and bored with the casino thing, I decide to go aaaaaall the way down to the South of the Strip (cue Mexican music) to visit Fry's Electronics. Now this will be the first time I've stepped into a Fry's in ten years after doing a short cashier gig for them in their Palo Alto store.

Since I don't have use of our rental, I hop The Deuce. What's that, you (non-Vegas folks) say? None other than Las Vegas Rapid Transit, or to be more specific, the LVRT line that services The Strip. See, they got these double-decker buses (like in the picture) that travel up and down, all day and night. For a couple bones, it'll take you one-way and a fin will get you a day-pass. I opted for the latter.

Now let me say that I haven't been to Merrie Old England or any other places that have these type of buses, but if this is an example of a hard-top DD, I'll pass. Here's the Complete, Middle-Of-The -Strip Experience (as opposed to the Star Trek Experience, which I missed...again): I get on. It's crowded. Check that: packed is more like it. The back of the bus is where most of the seats are, due to the rig for handicapped folks. Still. if the Wheeled Brigade is not riding, it's got lots of folks standing and holding onto the straps, poles, change machine, your buddy, anything to keep from being thrown onto the floor as it's moving.

Okay, maybe there's room upstairs, so I push my way through to the stairs, climb them, and get clocked on the top of the head. By what? The roof. Yes, the upper deck works for kids and midgets, but not for a 6-6 All American Slob like me. So, doubling myself over, I find a seat close by and sit. Sitting, I'm okay.

Now, let's examine the trip. I'm going from the Palazzo (kind of middle north) to the Town Square Mall, alllll the way at the end of the strip. Of course, it wouldn't be a bus ride without a couple dozen stops, so we move down the strip, picking up and dropping off willy-nilly, Well, more like lurch. It just so happens that there's a lot of construction going on on the Strip right now, with two new casino-resorts and (just so Mr. Trump isn't lonely) five new condo-towers going up, so traffic is of the stop-and-start variety.

About fifteen lurches later, I ring the bell, unfold myself (making sure to bump my head a couple more times), climb downstairs and exit. I see a mall before me and to the left (far to the left), Fry's, my destination. The surrounding area can charitably be described as desolate. Brown as far as the eye can see, with the occasional small tree and bush, with brown mountians in the background. By the way, did I mention it was hot? Something like 90 degrees?

While the taking short (?) walk to Fry's, I hallucinate I'm Harry Dean Stanton in Paris, Texas. Finally, I'm at the front door. I hang out for about an hour, looking at stuff, purchasing a DVD set, eating lunch. Time to head back. Taking a short-cut by the mall (thus avoiding Wendersland), I'm at a hot bus shelter. The bus comes soon after, and it's pretty much Same Song, Second Verse back up the Strip.

Minutes later (quite a few, actually - I went through The Venetian as to get away from the heat) I'm lying on the couch in my suite, contemplating what I just went through. I came to the conclusion that There's Gotta Be A Better Way.

Oh yeah, there is. Wait for Becky and use our rental next time.


Anonymous said...

Hey man!I know this is a weird question,but it was the only was i could find to get a hold of ya.I listened to your readings of H.P. Lovecraft's stories on Librivox and i was wondering when (or if) you might be recording any more of his work?Your readings were leagues above the rest i've heard!Anyways, sorry to bother you.

You can reach me at : or

Waynester said...

Yo Glen! It's Wayne! Give me an email back to atra2 over at yahoo and com.