Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Face Time In Vegas or The Doofus Doubles Down Deux

Where are we again, Hon?
Spring cleaning time here at TMJ. Time to dump the junk, clear out the cobwebs and start with the writing again.

Also, time for a recap: At the GEM awards, Arsenic and Old Lace won nada, Becky got a new laptop (which I'm using at this moment), Older Stepson moved out of girlfriend's apartment (surprise surprise) and moved in with his brother and not with us (a genuine surprise). I also got a temp job to get some vacation money together later (still wanna got to California with Becky and Gage).

Oh yeah, I'm now on Facebook. I resisted and resisted, but a lot of my theater friends are on there and I wanna keep in touch.

BTW, I'm writing this from a beautiful suite in the Palazzo resort/casino in the heart of The Strip on a gorgeous Tuesday, about 12:30ish. Behind me is a big window with a spectacular view of Las Vegas.

How did this happen, you ask? Well, Becky got tapped to go to some sort of Leadership Seminar through Boeing and we decided to take me along for the ride. It was a struggle, But I said "sure, I'll go". :-)

We got here Sunday morning and I'm already exhausted. I knew I'd be walking a lot, so I got some walking shoes and sandals before I left, but it's still a pain. First day here we get corralled into listening to a timeshare presentation. I hate these things, no matter how good it sounds (and this one sounded damn good). However, they waived cheap tickets to Mystere in front of our faces and hooked us.

The presentation was nice, but when it came down to it, Becky was the Bad Cop and said no. I owed her one, so last night when we went to eat, we ended up in an ultra-fancy Italian joint that, even with Becky's per-diem was way too high. So we left, Becky claiming I was a "fussy eater" Truth be told, I am, but I hate it when people say that about me. This is something I never could understand. With the myriad sins in this world, being a "fussy
eater" is a very minor one. Yet, when
someone says I'm a "fussy eater", all of a sudden I'm Pontius Pilate, Robbie Rotten and Hannibal Lechter all rolled into one. Sheesh.

Anyway, Mystere was fantastic, I'm up 40 bucks at the casinos and Becky will be off later so's we can go have more fun. Hope I get to do karaoke tonight. I also hope Becky's luck changes; she hasn't won any large amounts yet and she's waaaaay overdue.

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