Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Splenda In The Glass

Hauling ass in the fridge
Two months ago, my sister-in-law Kristi moved in with us, which is a good thing (we could use the $). Another good thing is that it gives Becky someone in her family to talk to on a regular basis. The best thing (to me) is that last week they started a low-carb diet along with a couple more of their sisters, which means I don't have to.

Now anyone who was still reading this knows that last year I made a commitment to lose weight by GenCon (September), which I didn't follow through on. I wasn't really surprised, as my history of dieting is spotty at best. If someone pushed hard enough, I'd try to lose weight, but I backslid very easy. Started when I was a kid with my mom trying to get me to diet, something I didn't really take seriously, but it did give me a lil' gremlin at the back of my mind, telling me my body was too fat (a few years ago I found some pictures of a show I did in colleges and the first thing I thought was "Ye cats, I wasn't fat - why the heck didn't I date?"). That and I grew to be 6-6 and my parents were average size (and in the case of my mom, a bit below average). But, it's gotten a bit worse since I turned 50 and now have grandkids - I wanna be around to see them grow up.

So, while I'm glad she has someone besides me to diet with, I also feel myself being pulled toward the diet thing. And, once again, that really isn't a bad thing. I find myself not drinking soda as much as I used to, eating their foods more often, etc. Who knows, I may lose some weight (and I definitely will if I start up with the gym again).


Felbrigg said...

I wish you luck with losing those excess pounds :)

Have you though about switching to diet soda? It makes a big difference in calories, especially if like me you drink quite a bit of the stuff.

I switched to cycling to work rather than going to gym. The Gym seems so boring to me. But when I'm on my bike atually going somewhere it seems much easier. And beside while on my bike, I get to listen to Librivox recordings!

jgodsey said...

i lost your email again

email me

Roland said...

High There,

I came to visit your blog because of the stories I heard through librivox.org.
I love to listen to a few good 'short' stories before I'm nodding off. Especialy the stories by H.P. Lovecraft.
Did you ever read 'The Case of Charles Dexter Ward'???
I'm still dying to hear that one read aloud!!!
Anyway, my thanks for many good hours with your stories. And i'm sure there are a lot of other people enjoying your stories.
So, please read to us some more stories.

With Compliments,

Roland Wieffering
The Netherlands