Wednesday, May 16, 2007

And The Hunk O' Plastic Goes To...

I did WHAT to the award?
Okay, it's over. Had my day in the sun, howled at the moon and have a memento of a great show. The Odd Couple is a wonderful, funny piece of theater and I'm glad I did it. Even if I had not won the GEM Award for Best Featured Actor I had one of the best experiences in my life, on or offstage (Warning: lots of back-patting ahead).

Seldom do I get to work with such seasoned actors, ones which fit their part so well the whole cast works like a finely-tuned machine. Jon Haque, Rob May, Kevin Logan, Shawn Hicks, Joe Moore, Shawna Linck (my fellow GEM Award-winner) and Renee Pitts, pros all. This was truly an ensemble piece. Same with the crew: these ladies had the show down so well the production flowed like water, all led by the sure hand of Amy Ackerman, our great Stage Manager. I was happy and proud to work with every one of them.

Despite the great talent all of it would have been a mess had it not been for Don Taylor, Herr Director. The man has the best eye and ear for comedy I have seen, not to mention a real feel for the material, a sense of fun and a razor-sharp wit. I hope I get to do more stage work with him.

I got a great role, an award and a bunch of great friends to boot. Not bad.

I'll reflect back on this show, and the effect it had on my performance, later on...