Monday, April 09, 2007

Break An Egg

I want YOU to go get me some of those
Cadbury chocolate eggs!
Finished with Easter, approaching mid-April and time for me again. Jesus came out of the cave and saw his shadow so I guess that means baseball season starts. I'm sitting in the peace and quiet of the local library posting this, something which I wish I could've done a long time ago. Now with my new ally, an Averatec laptop I recently purchased off a friend, I'm mo-bile (emphasis on the bile). Finally, blogging done in a comfortable place away from home distractions.

This Thursday (the 12th), The Odd Couple opens at the Jewel Box Theatre, to mostly sold-out crowds. No pressure, right? To tell you the truth, not really, as we got a crackerjack cast who are pumped and ready to go. Of course, this doesn't mean there won't be butts in seats before opening night. Tonight, for instance, we have the GEM Awards (Jewel Box's Tonys) Nominating Committee watching and the next two nights we got the Shriners at the show. The director tells me Shriners are great audiences and always bring good food, but I hope they don't drive around in tiny cars in front of the box office before the show...

For me, the best part is, during the run I turn 50. Hence the laptop (early present). Who needs a pony?

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Carrigaline said...

Just browsed here after hearing some of your work on Librivox. I enjoyed your rendition of The Terrible Old Man in particular!

Good job!