Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Out, Out Damn Thoughts!

Human pyramids never last
Hey, two Marx Brothers pics in a row. Wonder what Freud would make of that...
Okay, boredom and frustration setting in. Things have turned dull around here, so time for a recap:

Due to the way my supervisor is doing the work schedules because of OU sports (I still have weekends, but she's assigning specific board-ops to specific sports - I drew OU Women's Basketball, which doesn't start for another 1 1/2 months), my hours fluctuate wildly, prompting Becky to commence with a fresh round of quit-this-place-it's-not-worth-your-time. This time though, I'm starting to agree with her. OTOH, I don't want to quit without having something else lined up, preferably in radio. So, I commence with the Looking. I'm whipping my resume into shape while at the same time trying to hook up with at least one temp agency in the meantime.

The younger of my two stepsons is moving to Florida, to live in a trailer with one of his buddies and see if he can make it as a tiler in the Katrina-ravaged area. I wish him much success. Of course, this leaves a room unoccupied so, since Nature and my wife's family abhor a vacuum, my oldest stepson wants to move in on us, leaving his girl and two kids. I don't want him to, as it will just encourage him to not work and stay out all night, not to mention leaving my daughter-in-law and us to pick up the slack in regards to caring for our grandsons. Becky says she has some Expectations that must be met in order for him to be here, but I have my doubts. More as I get it...

I'm stalling, creatively. I got artwork for a Wanderer's Guild D20 supplement due and I can't seem to get it started. Too many distractions (like this blog). Also doesn't help that Gage is here a lot of the time, which means my time is limited. Guess I'll have to lock myself up in the bedroom naked with just a pad and pencils and pens. Hell, if those monkeys can write Hamlet, I can do the damn art.

Whew, good to get all that out. Had a story about Gage, but now this is sounding like a friggin' blog entry, fer cripe sakes. Guess it happens sometimes. Sorry, folks. Just so this isn't a total loss, here's some upside stuff that happened lately:

Got some good recordings done for Librivox. The best one was The Music of Erich Zann by H.P. Lovecraft. I sent it to a few web friends and they loved it.

We got to take Gage to the Oklahoma State Fair again this year. I dunno who has a better time, him or me watching him have a blast. I tell ya, if it was just Becky and I, we probably wouldn't go every year but with grandkids, we gotta go. Fantastic memories.

Recent DVDs: Since we're tight on money, I opted to fill in the holes in my collection with used discs. Got Corpse Bride, Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow and Narnia. Corpse Bride is fantastic, of course, Sky Captain is pretty good, but a little of it goes a long way and I saw Narnia in the theater, so I know Gage will like it.

Movie catch up: finally saw Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest a couple weeks ago. I liked it, but I wasn't too crazy about some of the character development, especially Will Turner's (I thought he turned on Jack a little too quick). On the plus side, the entire cast was back (with a whopper of a cameo at the end, leaving the audience with a great Han-Solo-In-Carbonite cliffhanger for the next film), the story was fun, the SFX outstanding and of course, there's Captain Jack Sparrow.

Our next sojourn into the darkened multiplex will be to see Hollywoodland. Promises to be good.

Well, let's see if I can get this ship righted and back on course next time. Till then, smooth sailn' mates.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Open Mic, Insert Foot

Is this thing on?
Well, that was a nice little speech in the last entry, wasn't it? It's been a while now and Reality has set in for a long stay. Right now I'm hovering around 300, having lost about 5 pounds due to backsliding. Seems like I need to jump back on the wagon. Time to regroup and give my commitment more "oomph."

In Other News, I found a happenin' place on the web (for me, anyway). For quite a while now I've been wanting to do books-on-tape/CD/whatever. I'm not acting all that much, so this is a good outlet for me. Besides, I haven't been on the air and I thought it'd be a good way to keep my voice sharp.

I stumbled on to Librivox while looking up something on Wikipedia, and I love it. It's a bunch of volunteers reading Public Domain literature and offering it for download as MP3's, podcasts, etc. The readings range from okay to professional quality (belive me, there's quite a few readers on there I wish I could be as good as). They've got a big selection which is growing all the time. I've done a couple of stories and poems for them (click here if ya wanna find out what ol' Smokestack did for 'em so far, under his real moniker, Glen Hallstrom - I got more short stories to come) and I'm having a ball. BTW, they're always looking for volunteers, so if you like to read, come on by and check out their messageboards. There's a lot of great people there who love what they're doing.

As for me, back to the diet. Becky's off this week, so she can help me toe the line.