Monday, August 14, 2006

Damn The Doritos, Full Stevi-Ahead

I had orcs for you guys to fight
but I ate 'em
Another week. Seems like I was doing this just a couple of weeks ago. Waitaminute...

There's a part of my life I've not been talking about here, and that's my interest in role-playing games. The fact is, I've been playing D&D and other games of that stripe since the mid-80's, but this blog seems to be dedicated to (besides the joke that is my life) more, shall we say, cinematic pursuits.

Alright, I'll say it: I've been ignoring my RPG hobby in favor of my film/DVD collecting

There's a few reasons for this. For one, when I started this my head was more into my video pursuits because that's what I was doing. I felt my fellow film buddies would be the main audience, so that's what I was leaning towards. Another is that I wasn't gaming at the time I started TMJ. I was going through a looooong dry-spell due to my work schedule. Lastly, I just felt none of my homies over at the gaming boards would be interested in what I had to say if it wasn't RPG-oriented (something that may be partially true).

Well, that's gonna change.

While I'm not gonna drop film, DVDs or chit-chatting, I'm gonna talk more about my other pursuits, too. I hope this don't cheese-off some of my film-folk (all 1 1/2 of them), but rest assured it'll all be balanced out Fair and maybe balanced. :-)

I know, I know, you say "Smokestack - wha' hoppen? What's with the change?" Actually, it's not really a change, more like an addition.

Okay, in other news, I've established a Goal. Something I think is attainable. Something to give my damn life a bit of meaning - and have some fun along the way, by gum.

Okay, here's the deal: GenCon just finished up this last week and again I didn't go (what's GenCon you say - the first and grandaddy of all gamer conventions, that's all). While I've been to some rather big cons, I've never been to The Big One. I think it's time to change that.

This coincides with one of my funks, a rather serious one, where I don't feel like I have direction in my life. Oh yeah, I've survived lo these 49-50 years, but it's more like existing. I have a piddly-ass job and that's about it. Add to that I'm not in the best of health and my eating habits suck like a Hoover. Besides, I feel like crap.

After reading my RPG boards about what fun everyone had this year at GenCon, I really want to go. Then I find out next year is GenCon's 40th Anniversary. That was the straw that broke this gamer's back. I want to go. I want to have fun. Not just have fun, but I want to feel younger than my years. I want to really enjoy myself and there's no conceivable reason why I can't get off my tookus and make it happen.

It's time.

This is the day I commit. The resolution is as follows:I, Smokestack Jones (and my real-life alter-ego Glen Hallstrom) resolve to go to GenCon 40 in 1997 and when I arrive at said convention be at least fifty (50) pounds lighter than I am at this moment (I currently weigh in at about 320 lb.). I will do whatever it takes to achieve this goal, be it regular exercise, good eating (including forgoing the regular ingestion of favorite foods) or any other means in the course of my normal life to achieve this goal. Furthermore, I resolve to maintain said lighter weight and healthier lifestyle until GenCon 2007 and as far beyond as I can manage it (preferably to the grave).

So there. It's up here so's all can see. It's another way to motivate me to do it. Besides, if I'm going to declare this to the whole of the Internet, it'll keep me from backsliding (in other words, you guys will keep me honest).

To achieve this goal, Becky and I will be sitting down this evening and outline some sort of battle-plan to make it happen (including drinking a lot more - shudder - WATER!) and make sure I don't go off half-cocked (there is the small issue of my high blood pressure and past CHF to consider). In addition, I'll be consulting my doctor. We're already going to be heading for the gym Wednesday, trying to get off to a good start.

I'm pumped for this. I've done it before in the short-term. Let's see how I do this time. I'll be posting my progress here. I'm hoping I can do more than 50 pounds.

Okay, sorry about the dramatics, but I feel that I have to shake myself up out of my complacency from time to time. In a way, it's kind of an oxy-moron. Who ever heard of a healthy gamer?

Oh well. More interesting stuff next time...


kiznit said...

Good luck, mang! Look forward to meetin' ya.

Dunnyman's Castle said...

Some helpful hints if you're of a mind!
1)Try the AquaFina flavored waters, they're sweetened with Splenda and taste pretty darn good! Lots of water is good, but there's no reason to drink bland water...:-)
2)Easy diet tip, Quaker Instant Oatmeal for breakfast every day. Good for you, lotsa fiber, and the Brown Sugar Maple is delicious! An alternate breakfast is Frosted MiniWheats. Another tasty way to eat healthy!
3)Go on, just TRY some of the Morningstar Farms Veggie stuff, you'll be surprised by how good it tastes...the Veggie Buffalo Wings are really good!
Best of luck m'man!
Take care of yourself and stick around for a good long time!
Besides, think of all the good fun we can have razzing thing-fish!

jgodsey said...

I a debating whether i should joing you in this.
I would be happier 50 lbs lighter.

I'm partial to Ice tea mix with Splenda®

the morning start stuff IS tasty but NOT necessarily better for you. - check the sidepanel - i LOVE their mushroom burgers.

SteveTP said...

As another geek er, rpg gamer, i look foreward to your stuff!

All the best with the plan. I never male plans, just something else to get fouled by life

Dan Mancini said...

Best of luck to ya, Smokestack.

One word of gym warning: beware the personal trainers. Most of 'em aren't certified, don't know what they're doing, and can do you serious harm. If they're giving you a one-time free session with a trainer, he should be testing your baseline health -- don't let him put you through a workout.

On the diet front: high-fructose corn syrup and trans fats are the enemy, man.