Sunday, June 25, 2006

I Whip Out My 19 Inch...

Almost like being there
Time for some update. Took longer than usual but looking at the blogs of others I don't feel so bad (yeah I mean you Dunny, Sara and Manti - but I love yew guys anyway). Smokestack's Grindhouse seems to have given way to general film talk/recommendations so I'm gonna go with the flow on that.

It's slump-time at the station. Summer, no collegiate sports to broadcast so it's time for the Powers That Be to cut my hours back. And it's also for Becky to once again try to talk me into quitting (various reasons - gas, one car between the two of us, incompatible schedules, etc.). And, once again, I resist. This year, though, I'm going to see if I can broker a layoff for the summer, so's I can come back when the football-basketball season start up again. We shall see.

Got in a lively discussion over at DVD Verdict about how a lot of folks of a more current generation see films of an earlier era as "dated" and consequently harder to watch (if at all). I gave my 25 cents (usually just 2 cents but this one lit my rump on fire a bit) then yielded the floor to others who are making very good points. If ya wanna check it out, check the Links section on the right.

Friday was a milestone in my career as Grandpa - took Gage to his first movie in a theater. The film was Cars and he was great. No yelling, no crying, no restlessness and he loved it. Not bad for 2 1/2 years old. I'm proud of him.

Next on my Must See list is A Prarie Home Companion. I always meant to listen to the show (at least to get some background on it) but never did, so I'll go into it cold. Besides, Altman's directing it. Can't beat that.

One of the best things that happened recently is that I'm now blogging (and doing everything else PC-related) on a 19-inch monitor. A friend (thanks Don) gave it to me since he's got all he needs. It's old and the power switch is touchy (an easy work-around since my PC stuff is plugged into a main power unit) but it's great. I set it to 1280 x 1024 res and now I have enough real estate to really go to town with Paint Shop Pro. Now if I can only get my Graphire tablet to work with my Logitec Marble Mouse trackball...

Hmmm, I was working on a pretty good depression, looks like I've worked myself out of it. Thanks for listening. You're a great help. More interesting stuff later.


SteveTP said...

That's what we're here for. Relieving depression i mean... at leats i think that's what i mean.

With regards to the whole movie discussion, i'm on the fence myself. I think it's more a concious decision on one's part to be either a classic or contemporary booster, and many who claim to be balanced really aren't - It doesn't quite have so much to do with taste or sensebilities in my experience, but rather a person's degree of pretentiousness (Classics boosters come across as highbrow, snooty, and down-putting) or ignorance (Contemporary boosters come across as ignorant or rude podunks more often than not). I'm generalizing sure, which is a very dangerous thing, but that's my thoughts on the whole dealio.

Also: I lost your novel in a hard drive format because i'm stupid and i can't figure out how to back up my e-mail. The first little bit was pretty fun ;)

Smokestack Jones said...

Hey Steve,

Thanks. You guys definitely being my spirits up. :-)

Yeah, I dunno why I let myself get sucked into that, I guess it just irked me. It's not the Classics vs. Contemporary thing so much as a general attitude of folks of a younger generation have towards things made before their time. I get just as annoyed over kids that are ignorant of things like The Beatles.

What gets me is this general attitude of younger folks of "I'm ignorant and don't try to enlighten me as whatever it is must be dated boring and stupid." I hate that. The sheer lack of respect for things others hold (you don't have to like something to respect others for liking it) is the height of rudeness, IMO.

Lost the book, eh? You want me to send another copy of the file?