Sunday, May 07, 2006


Plot - Produced by Jimmy Buffett (who also has a role in it), the story goes-a some-a-thing like-a this: Kid Roy Eberhardt and his family moves to Florida where he gets involved with a bunch of local kids who are trying to prevent the really stupid guy from O Brother Where Art Thou? from building a tropical IHOP in the middle of the wilderness, thus keeping the indigineus burrowing owls from ordering a short stack with a side of sausage while waiting for de volcano to blow, mon.
The Studio Sez - Packed with surprising plot twists, quirky characters and offbeat humor, HOOT is a classic story that's fun for all ages.
The Critics Sez - "Hoot" has its heart in the right place, but I have been unable to locate its brain. Here is a movie about three kids who begin by disliking or fearing one another, and end up as urban guerrillas sabotaging the construction of a pancake house that will destroy a nesting ground for burrowing owls. -Roger Ebert

Smokestack Sez - Let's see, Misfit Kid Who Moves To New Town? Check. Other Misfit Kids Who become His Best Friends? Check. Evil Adult Protagonist? Check. Clueless Law Enforcement? Check. Doesn't The Hallmark Channel have the corner on this kind of stuff? C.mon, Jimmy! You can do better than this!

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