Friday, May 26, 2006

Powered By Dieselbilly

Old School don't get better than this
I just read Steve Powers's review of Kingdom Of Heaven: 4-Disc Director's Cut DVD and, humbled as I am by such a bodaciously awsome review, I think I'll put off my review of The Complete Mr. Arkadin: Criterion so's I can polish it up a bit (although I'll have to go a long way to beat Steve's KoH review - if ya don't believe me, check it out with the link above). In the meantime, lemme tell ya 'bout a kickin' CD I picked up.

I was out with Becky last night getting some grub and we ended up at Cracker Barrel. For those of you not familiar with this chain, the menu is good down-home cookin' with the plus of a general store/gift shop in the front selling all manner of gifts and munchies (some of which are recreations of treats of the past - Mary Janes, anyone?).

After some really good chicken and rice, we preused the general store and I found a really good CD by Bill Kircher.
The title: Dieselbilly Road Trip. Bill was a singer and lead guitarist for Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen (that's his axe on Hot Rod Lincoln). He's a Master of The Telecaster and boy howdy does this disc tell ya. From flat-out rockabilly to country and beyond, the guy's got some serious chops. Here's the layout:

  1. Hollywood City
  2. Pittsburgh Stealers
  3. Is Anybody Goin' To An Antone
  4. California Cotton Fields
  5. Streets Of Baltimore
  6. The Promised Land
  7. Buckaroo
  8. Detroit Diesel
  9. Midnight In Memphis
  10. Sleepwalk
  11. Eight More Miles To Louisville
  12. Guitar Boogie Shuffle
From the first track I was captivated and by the time Sleepwalk hit the speakers (hands down my favorite slow instrumental) I was a Believer. This disc becomes part of my permanent collection of Drivin' CD's. It's great for toolin' down the highway.

Okay, I'd tell ya all to go out and get this great disc but here's the catch: it's part of a special series produced by Cracker Barrel and you can only find it in their stores - I checked their website and they don't sell it online. So if you have a CB in yer area, go pick this bad boy up. If not, try going to Amazon and finding Bill Kirchen's other albums (he's done about seven of his own, not to mention the ones he did with Commander Cody). You won't regret it.

LATEST DEVELOPMENT: For those of you wihtout a local CB you can order the CD from Kirchen's website. Just click on the "Order Stuff" button and yer on the road!

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SteveTP said...

Thanks for the shout out SJ! I look foreward to your Mr. Arkadin review - i'm totally curious about this one - i'm hearing everything from "brilliant work of genius" to "Welles Ego trip vanity project".

I, alas, do not have a Cracker Barell anywhere in my vicinity, hell closest one is probably a good 10,000 miles away - but that cd sounds bitchin' ;)