Saturday, April 29, 2006

Have I Seen Me?

We're gonna need a bigger milk carton...
Bet ya never thought you'd hear from me again, didja? That makes two of us. So far, 2006 has turned into Interesting Times. Whether that is good or not, I haven't figured out yet.

Okay, recap: shortly before I left for the GAMA Trade Show, my daughter-in-law gave birth to Gavin, Grandson #2. GAMA in Vegas was a blast, got to meet a lot of interesting folks, talk shop RPG-wise and not lose my shirt at the slots. A week after I got back, I go into the hospital for an outpaitent procedure so my doctor can cut out polyps in my sinuses. Much gauze and blood later I'm fine and breathing somewhat normally (one upside is getting a nice large prescription for Loritab). In the meantime, after two months of waiting, COX finally gets me hooked up for phone, cable and (most importantly) high-speed internet.

Oh yeah, I also hit the 49 mark on April 26th. The highlight was receving a gift of money from my mother which was used to purchase The Complete Mr. Arkadin: The Criterion Collection. I'm still going through it and am once again being blown away by Mr. Welles. But more about that in another entry...

My current activities have been editing my novel and pushing myself towards doing more artwork. The book's on it's third draft so I feel a nice sense of accomplishment. The artwork, not so.

My problem is...well, I don't know what it is. Laziness, prhaps? If I was truly lazy I wouldn't want to do anything. Ambition? Ditto. The truth is, I have never had any kind of direction I wanted to go. My mind is a muddle of destinations without the slightest clue of how to get there. I've been forever looking for someone to look at where I want to get to and point me in that direction.

Part two of that is the lack of confidence in what I do. While in Vegas I had my friends say I was one of The Wanderer's Guild's "great artists." I replied that the only reason I'm an artist is because you guys say I'm an artist.

Now I'm talking about me enough to make me uncomfortable. Besides, I seem to be just dumping stuff out of my head and onto this blog, which is not really entertaining, informative or both. Tell ya what: next entry I'll give ya something worthwhile to read. Deal? Done and done.