Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Playing To The Haircuts

Y'know, I really don't wanna know how he gets
that duck to quack
Seems like this is one of those throwaway week review-type of blog entries. Goes down easy. Great taste-less filling. So be it. We all need some fluff now and then (not that the topics get heavy around here).

One question I had when I saw that Mohammed cartoon was: that's Mohammed? I thought it was either a caricature of Bin Laden or some generic terrorist. Now I haven't followed this one too closely but, unless someone at the newspaper came out and said it was Mohammed (or the picture was labeled as such), how did the Muslims know it was their prophet, since (according to them), no one has ever depicted Mohammed? I mean, if didn't recognize it as such, how did they? Far as anyone knew, it coulda just been Joe Terrorist in the paper. Ah, the mysteries of the Muslim mind...
I found out last Wednesday that the Program Director of my station (aka My Boss) has resigned, effective in two weeks. He's to be replaced by an "AM Coordinator" who takes care of all the administration stuff, leaving the programming and day-to-day production in the hands of ken, our News Director. Never seen a radio station run like that before. I'm hoping the coodinator job will be filled by my lead Sandy, since she's pretty much doing that now.
Okay, why the duck? Well, that's a still from a new DVD my best friend Bruce gave me (thanks buddy) as a late Christmas present. It's a documentary called Vaudeville. It's part of the American Masters PBS series. It's narrated by Ben Vereen and it traces the history of vaudeville from it's origins as an import from the British pantos to it's eventual demise and the influences it had on entertainment. It covers all the aspects from the acts to the producers to child acts to race issues with a lot of clips of performers of the time and great interviews of former vaudeville performers. It's one of the best documentaries I've seen and I highly recommend it. So much so that here's the Amazon link. If you like show business, it's a must.
Coming Soon Department: I'll soon be starting a weekly movie review here called Smokestack's Grindhouse. Here's the twist: I'll be reviewing films I haven't seen but am thinking about seeing based on advertisements, websites, reviews, word-of-mouth, etc. I'm basically gonna be in the same boat as the regular guy or gal who is trying to decide what to go see. Whether I see 'em or not is not important (although I will report on the ones I do see, either on video or theaters), the important thing is helping you to make up your mind about the films in question. That and encouraging folks to See More Movies. Haven't decided on what day or the format, but it'll be here soon.
Okay, time to go. Gage's little friend is here now and I gotta wrap this up before the lil' rug monkeys drive me bats. Toodle-oo 'til next time.


SteveTP said...

I think it's a bloody brilliant concept - and i'll be here!

Dan Mancini said...

Reviewing movies you haven't seen... You're a genius, Dr. Jones! You've just saved me hours and hours of toil for my future Verdict reviews! Why didn't I think of this back in '02?