Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Doofus Doubles Down

Bring on the bats
It's now, oh, four weeks before the GAMA Trade Show in Vegas and I'm nervous. This will be, for me, the closest thing to a convention for me this year BUT...

...we also have to move around that time, my daughter-in-law will be giving birth and not one, but BOTH step-sons moved back in (when we move only one will be with us). On top of that, Becky has to go to Long Beach for software training about 2 weeks after I get back. I, for one, have NO idea how this is all going to get done. If I live past March, it'll be a miracle.

However it is Vegas. Not only that, I'll be there with my peers so it looks like I'll be getting both types of gaming in. As a bonus, my bud, Chief Editor of the book we're publishing and Illustrator Supreme Andy Hopp will be there and we can swap art critiques (something I sorely need). The problem is that, as I've mentioned before, I haven't been to Vegas since1976-77. I'm expected to be bombarded with stuff to do when I get there since The Strip changed so much. To that end I'm trying to go online to check out what's to do while I'm there.

One thing I know I'm gonna do is sing. To me, karaoke in Vegas should be a blast. I can haul out all my old Sinatra/Martin/Bobby Darin tunes and belt away. It'll be great.

Oh, if you're gonna be in Vegas for the GAMA Trade Show (or just around Vegas at that time), look me up. I'll be staying at the Riviera. Ask for Glen Hallstrom. If you're at the trade show, I'll be working at the 3AM Games booth.

On the health front, I have an appointment with my cardiologist next week to talk about running the dye in me to See What's What heart-wise. Plus I start my allergy shots Monday and Tuesday I get a C-T Scan of my head to see how bad it is in my sinuses. More nasal fun.

I actually sat down and watched a Chick Flick last night and it wasn't bad. The kids rented Just Like Heaven and Becky threw it in the machine for a spin. Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo were good, the story wasn't dumbed-down and kept my attention. Plus Jon Heder was in it.

Okay, I've pretty much got it figured out, so next entry will be about how Smokestack's Grindhouse will work. Since I post roughly every week, I'll alternate the Grindhouse with a regular entry.

Got a rough weekend comin' up but I hope to post it sometime before Monday. For now, as a Parrotthead-In-Training, I'm retreating to Margartiaville for a while and make my Vegas plans. I need it.


Dunnyman's Castle said...

To do in Vegas? A zillion things!!! You'll have PLENTY of karaoke!! Hell, odds are you'll find a joint that specializes in Sinatra type stuff! I know there's places with some decent cash prizes even.
Just stay away from multi-deck blackjack and you'll be all right...

and Smokestack?
PAY ATTENTION to yer doc!!!
Stick around!

Smokestack Jones said...

Hey Dunny,

Care to share that info with me? Wouldn't mind trying to win a few competitions. Gotta try and make up for whatever I lose at the tables. :-)

Of course, a significant amount of time will be taken up Role-Playing, too. I haven't played D&D or Mutants and Masterminds for quite a while and I'm itchin' for a game.

(Smokestack looks at his shoes) Doctor...yes sir...


Dunnyman's Castle said...

Last time I was there you'd see it outside of various clubs "Karaoke Contest! 300.00 Grand Prize!"
Made me wanna break out the ol' Tom Jones bit...
Just look around, you'll find 'em!

Smokestack Jones said...

Hey Dunny,

Sounds like you and me gotta get together sometime and karaoke-crawl!


Dan Mancini said...

If you're going to Vegas, Smokestack, take guns...lots of guns. Make sure your attorney goes along. And keep on the look-out for bats.