Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Whoa! Christmas!

Training another generation of moiegoer
Haven't updated in a while, so let's do a catch-up:

Becky had her Ru-N-Y and, after some really rough recuperating, she's doing fine. She's lost about 50 pounds so far and I'm proud of her.

Next big news: new teeth. Yup, I got 'em. A full set. It's been rough the first month with mouth sores, learning to chew all over again, etc., but I persevered and now I'm more or less used to them. I finally got that dazzling smile I've always wanted. Now time to make a New Year's resolution to get healthy and lose some poundage. Gotta look good fer my smile...

BTW, the other Resolution is to update this blog regularly. I like to hear myself write.

I completed the NaNoMo competition in Novenmber so I'm now the proud owner of a novel: The Lumpers: When The Fat Orc Sings, a Hard-Boiled Fantasy. After the first of the year I'll have a go at editing it to see if I can actually get something publishable out of the mess. I also made some new friends doing it.

It was pretty uneventful going into the latter half of 2005. Halloween and Thanksgiving flew by (although I had to work on Turkey-Day, as I did on Christmas and will on New Year's). Gage, as usual, is a joy and blast to have living here. He's not quite gotten the idea behind Christmas but he does know it involves getting presents. He'll probably understand the Jesus and Santa notions next time. In the meantime he was overjoyed to get a new bed shaped like a firetruck (but he has yet to sleep in it - I think he thinks it's only for playing in).

As for my swag, I got a nice acoustic guitar from Becky and she got a jumbo George Foreman Grill from me (something I don't think she was too thrilled about; it was something she wanted, but she really wanted a sewing machine - however, she kept waffling on it so I went the safe route). The guitar was so's I could entertain Gage, who likes music in general and gui-tars in particular. Now comes the practice...

No DVDs under the tree this year. Surprised? I was too, but not disappointed, as I've pretty much got all the titles I really wanted this year (aside from The Val Lewton Horror Collection I told you about last time, my final planned purchases were the Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 3 and two of the Walt Disney Treasures series: The Chronological Donald Volume 2 and Disney Rarities) so anything else was gravy. However, I found my collection woefully sparse as far as Christmas films were concerned. I rectified the problem by purchasing two versions of A Christmas Carol (the George C. Scott and Patrick Stewart versions - still can't find a copy of Albert Finney's Scrooge in retail shops) along with How The Grinch Stole Christmas (the Chuck Jones version) for Gage. That, along with a blind-buy of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory concluded my DVD buying for the year. I'll elaborate on what I'm looking forward to in 2006 in my next entry.

Oh yeah, I still got fifty bucks from my mom I need to spend. It'll probably be either the Aeon Flux box set or The Ed Wood Box. I'm leaning towards Ed Wood (I've long been wanting to add it the collection), but the other one looks mighty nice. Decisions, decisions...


Anonymous said...

My mother called me this year (my first year not at home for x-mas) while they were in the middle of watchign the Albert Finney Scrooge. It's a family tradition and my favorite Scrooge adaptation. I've seen it on rare occassion in places like Barnes and Noble or Borders but haven't seen it in a while and hope to get it on DVD some day.

Happy Holidays and enjoy that guitar.

SteveTP said...

I really enjoyed the Aeon Flux - but man is it ever strange stuff! :)

Angela Gibron said...

My vote is for the Ed Wood Box. It's lots of fun, and the inclusion of The Haunted World of Edward D. Wood Jr. documentary is a great bonus.
Anyway, you and your wife take care and have a very Happy New Year in 2006!