Saturday, October 01, 2005

Breakdown Cruise

Well, here we are. If the page looks different from time-to-time that's because I'm still trying things to see what I can live with.

Anyway, here I am. My real name's Glen and I'm stuck in a Sooner State. Those who live there know what I mean so for the rest, it means I'm unfortunate enough to live in Okalhoma City, OK. Yet it also seems to be a State Of Mind, something I try to avoid (I'm from SoCal and Don't You Forget It! :D ). The feeling has a few facets to it, one of which usually revolves around Football, OU/OSU Football to be exact. Now anyone who knows me knows I Hate Sports of any kind so having to deal with these obnoxious truck drivin' people takes a certain amount of finesse. On top of that , I work for Renda Broadcasting, specifically Talk Radio 1520 KOKC-AM as Weekend Honcho. Usually that involves running various pre-recorded syndicated conservative talk shows but now it's Football Season, something else I get to deal with. Fortunately, a co-worker runs all the Sooner Football games, so I handle the Coach's Show and the Moore Lions (HS) Football games. It also gives me most of Saturday off which, while it hits the wallet, I can relax with my family on the weekend.

Looking back on this it seems to be turning into a rant. Time to take a break.

More later. Stay tuned...

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